The Athletic 4 Life facility is located inside of Sculpt Physique, in the Heartland Plaza Shopping Center next to The Good Life Barbershop, and Face to Face Spa.  There is ample free customer parking in the 4 story garage, and we validate should you need to park above floor 2 – just bring your ticket.

Sculpt Physique Fitness allows our patrons access to locker rooms, day lockers, and the studio rooms when classes are not in session.  No membership is needed unless you would like to attend any of Sculpts’s 35 weekly class offerings.  Water can be purchased at the front desk, or bring a bottle and use the bottle filler in our space.




Athletic 4 Life’s training studio is full of the best training equipment available, Rogue Fitness, Cybex Fitness, TAG Fitness, and Onnit are just some of our equipment suppliers.  Whether you are looking to get stronger, faster, leaner, or pain free we have what you need.  Kettlebells, medicine balls, bumper plates, clubbells, bulgarian bags, maces, TRX suspension trainers, dumbbells, dip stations, rings, ab benches and a safety squat bar are all available along with a variety of other toys.