** Notice:  All service offerings require 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid full charges.**

1 on 1 Individual Coaching:

This is the gold standard of coaching possible in the Austin metro.  Our one on one coaching involves personalized instruction based off of neurological (Z-Health) assessment.  We find the most efficient means to allow achievement of your stated objective, and will provide you with daily actionable homework to get there.  We promise you will see change in your first interaction with our educators, and will teach you why we truly are different than other options in town.  You will be challenged in a way that allows your brain to acquire the needed skill to be stronger, faster, more flexible and pain free (or challenged in a safe way to burn MAX calories for body composition change).  This service offering also allows us to provide sustenance education/assistance to help you choose the best food for YOU.


Semi-Private Coaching:

We understand that not everyone can afford to pay for individual instruction, and are happy to help you achieve your stated goal in the company of others.  This option is more affordable, and offers more individual attention than can be provided in a group class setting. We will help you to achieve your goal with our semi-private coaching, it may just take a little longer than if you worked privately.  



Our workshop offerings will teach clientele a variety of fitness offerings based off of the neural perspective we are famous for.  Want to know how to run faster? Squat deeper? Improve your visual acumen? Find the foods that are best for you and your brain? These courses will be announced online so visit here often.