So you are wondering why you should choose us?

-We are Texas’ only brain-based fitness studio.  This means we apply our knowledge of neuroscience, to help you take command of your body in order to achieve your goals.  Our highly educated coaches have spent tens of thousands of dollars more on education than the majority of trainers in the US.  Combine this money with hundreds of hours spent studying specialized postgraduate level certification, and our coaches stand out.  There are not many fitness professionals in the state of Texas who can explain spinal cord tracts, movement control, pain and performance from a neurological basis.  We use this knowledge on a daily basis to improve client strength, range of motion, pain, and athleticism.  We strive to offer the latest information and cutting-edge training principles found only in the top 1% of professionals in our industry.  Independent study, self testing, and practical application through many years of coaching has allowed staff to hone the skills needed to help you.

  • Knowledge is power, our coaches are far more knowledgeable than most in the world.


-We deliver uncommon results through both established training principles, and the latest innovation in performance research and technology.  We have helped hundreds of Central Texans rid themselves of pain and improve desired performance goals.  These results often are baffling to many people, as our methods seem unconventional in comparison to more well known training, treatment, and therapeutic practices.  However, we know it is possible to improve your squats through eye exercises, and it is similarly possible to improve your eyes by squatting.  But don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what our satisfied clients have to say, or better yet try us out.

  • People like us because we deliver unexpected results.


We specialize in working with the individual.  No two people are alike, as no two brains are exactly alike, so what works for you is not always helpful for others.  We know this, and will find you the fastest means to the change you seek. Sometimes, figuring out that means takes time and discussion, but trust that we have a process.  In order to help you we have to know how you arrived at the place your currently reside.  After all, the body you have is the body you’ve earned, through the life that you’ve lived – so what have you been doing?  We need to know.  In the rare instance where we are unable to help, we have a large referral network to help you find someone else who can.  We also can work simultaneously with other coaches, therapists, and chiropractors to help you reach your goal.

  • We customize our work to your experience, history, brain, and body.


Said simply we are passionate about what we do, educated, experienced and proven to offer uncommon results that will help you achieve the goal you seek.  Contact us by clicking here today.