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I’ve had knee pain and weakness from chondromalacia for 25 years due to poor ballet alignment. I’ve been to physical therapists and performed their prescribed exercises with little improvement. I decided to sign up for a one-hour session with Phil because of his varied training background. He evaluated my body and then showed me one simple exercise to do 3 times a day every day. The exercise takes me 2 minutes/day to perform and within DAYS, I noticed a huge difference with greatly reduced pain and increased mobility and strength. After a few weeks, my knees feel almost like new. Amazing!

– Susan Gammage

I am an 80 yr old retired from a busy Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical practice. I have been having back trouble for 2 decades and have seen physical therapists, Pilates teachers, personal trainers and chiropractors with results from neutral to negative. A friend recommended Phil who has been my trainer for the past year and my back is essentially cured. Phil uses neurology based exercise and stretching techniques along with inner ear and eye movement exercises. I have a shoulder injury of many years that we are working on at present and getting good results. His approach to increasing flexibility and strength is vastly different from most trainers due to his deep understanding of neuromuscular pathways and functions . I highly recommend him and his techniques

-Sam Fason

Phil is amazing! Past client and had great results. Being from the health and fitness field I am very picky about my trainers! Phil is great and knows his stuff! I sprained my ankle and saw him on day 2 of sprain and the swelling went down immediately and I was able to walk on it the next day with no limping. Within a week I was able to swim bike and run again! Thanks, Phil for fixing my ankle so quick so I can race!

-Jodel Edwards

Phil is above and beyond anything I could have ever asked for in a personal trainer. The depth of his anatomical, physiological, and neurological knowledge allows him to pinpoint certain issues and imbalances with extreme accuracy and offer a wide array of practical solutions. He helped me with an imbalance in my shoulder, some immobility in my ankles, and even some issues I was having with my inner ear/eye gaze. My body has never been happier or felt more capable. The man is a genius and a genuine person. I really look forward to each session with him and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone searching for a trainer.

-Jon Phillips

Working with Phil has really made a difference for me. I used to stay active but suffered from chronic pain in my legs and back, was using orthotics, and constantly leaning on ibuprofen to get by. Since working with Phil, I am pain-free, have a much better range of motion, ditched the orthotics and haven’t needed an Advil in a year. Thanks Phil!

-Ian Burk

I’ve been working out for quite some time and felt like I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing and the effect on my body. I had some aches and some tightness but it always seemed in line with what other people were feeling who were doing the same type of workouts. After a few conversations with Phil, I decided to work with him for a few sessions. Long story short, Phil revolutionized the way I approach strength training in a matter of a few sessions.
Phil didn’t spend time giving me a list of exercises and the number of sets and reps to hit. He knew I wasn’t looking for a weekly trainer and spent each session providing in-depth knowledge to apply to each and every workout. He broke down my movements, maximizing my mobility and muscle activation for each. He explained how the body and brain interact, teaching me exactly what I should be feeling in each aspect of every movement. He taught me exactly how I should be lifting with the mobility that I had, how to improve that mobility, and what those exercises would look like as I progressed. He showed me a side to working out that I had never experienced and that changed my approach in a few short weeks.
As far as results, I have more mobile hips and shoulders (both chronic problem areas for me), greater body awareness, and a total elimination of the aches and pains I was feeling prior to working with him. I have a greater understanding of how the brain and body interact, which I’m able to apply to every exercise that I do. All of this is because Phil is so knowledgeable and his translation is so effortless. In short, I cannot recommend Phil highly enough.

-Brandt Sherman

If you want to learn to train properly, then you want to work out with Phil. I’ve been training with him for the past 6 or so months, and he’s completely changed how I approach my workouts and think about fitness. His ability to translate his knowledge of how the human body and brain interact into tangible results regularly blows me away.
It’s hard to overstate how effective a trainer Phil is. I came to him after a lot of years of trying (and failing) to find ways to leverage my time in the gym to endurance activities like running and cycling. I learned to hate strength workouts because they didn’t do anything for me. Phil’s expertise and commitment to helping his clients have completely changed that. He brought me back to the fundamentals and introduced concepts and techniques that were brand new to me. As a result, I’ve seen more improvement in the past 6 months in the things I care about than in the past several years combined.
I couldn’t recommend Phil more highly. Far and away the best trainer I’ve come across.

-Rob Wise

If you want to cure nagging injuries and maximize athletic performance Phil Swain is your guy. His multidimensional approach is as unique as it is effective. He cured my nagging shoulder injury that has been bothering me for years and fixed a tight hip. End result is i am stronger pain free and playing the best golf i have in years. The only word to describe his results is amazing.

-Geoff Armstrong

I’ve trained with Phil (3 days a week) for more than six years. He has helped me deal with many issues around the aging process and has helped me immeasurably. In addition to dealing with the aging issues, Phil has also helped me develop a rigorous regimen of weight lifting and flexibility training which has enhanced my quality of life.

Phil employs his in depth knowledge of human physiology to diagnose problems and remediate issues almost instantly. His ability to combine a deep understanding of how the body works with practical easy to learn exercises allows me to have continuity away from the gym.

If you want the best of science and technique Phil is your guy. Best trainer I’ve ever met

-Clay Cipione

Phil is absolutely awesome! His knowledge of the human body and ability to communicate it effectively to an average joe like me is almost unbelievable. He has helped me recover from physical injuries, improve my athletic performance at the gym, achieve previously unattainable yoga postures and identify issues with my vision and muscle imbalances that I didn’t even know I had. My experience with Phil has been nothing short of extraordinary. He’s also a joy to be around, a truly genuine human being. Highly recommended!

-Nick Herman


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