Remember Everyone Deployed 

50% off all services

When Athletic 4 Life was created we wanted to honor wounded Vets for serving our country by offering 50% off of all services every Friday.  Fridays were chosen because of the RED campaign.  “Remember Everyone Deployed” is a national campaign that encourages wearing red on Fridays to honor the men and women who have served this great nation.  Over our first few months of operation it became apparent that Fridays do not allow enough time for work with this population.  As such, we are now proud to offer 50% OFF of services every business day to all Veterans of our military, and first responders in need of pain relief and/or rehabilitation of movement/performance.

The idea for this charity at Athletic 4 LIfe was spawned by Dr. Grove Higgins’ charitable work done in Colorado with Lifequest Transitions.  Dr. Higgins worked to help our Veterans assimilate back into society using Z-Health principles built into a fitness setting. If we can provide any assistance to our Vets we are excited at the opportunity to do so.  We are also seeking charitable contributions to fund this program for those unable to pay for discounted services. Please inquire if you have any interest in helping to fund these individuals.

Currently, we have set aside 6am appointments Monday-Friday for all Vets and First Responders.  Saturday appointment times may also be possible once a month.  We want to work with you and will make efforts to do so, however, we have to schedule around our clients who keep our doors open.  Thank you for your service.